Recent Work

Zutec Technologies Ltd. Promotional Video



Promotional Campaign for London based company Zutec Technologies Ltd. Targeted at the construction sector, to promote the implementation of Building Information Modelling for mega structures such as 'The Shard'.



Flog It - BBC2



This sample of BBC2's Flog It, explores the off road capabilities of the Land Rover. Produced by BBC Bristol, assembly by The Bootleg Studios in-house Editor - Alan O'Callaghan.



Real Estate Drone Deployment



Using state of the art drone technology, our fully registered and insured operators capture high end real estate introductions for the property market. These techniques transform promotional campaigns into captivating works of art.



The Spokes Of The Wheel



Teaser trailer for 'The Spokes Of The Wheel' documentary, exploring the future of renewable energy in Ireland, produced for