Why Video Marketing is Essential for Your Business.

As technology continues to improve, your business’ marketing strategies need to grow and change as well. This is essential to the growth of your business or the method of marketing may be completely ineffective. Today, video marketing is growing in popularity. Everyone enjoys videos and with the use of smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi friendly mechanisms, a video may be all it takes to grab a person’s attention.

Learning “How To”

Google recently shared that the term “how to” on YouTube is growing 70% year over year. These type of videos are popular because consumers are searching for help on how to do something. Many users prefer video when learning because they’re often more engaging. In fact, many research and studies have shown that visuals help people to learn better and remember information.

These “how to” queries are known as “micro-moments.” Micro-moments occur when people turn to their smart phone, mobile devices, or computer to learn something, watch something, find something, buy something, or do anything at all.

With searchers increasingly looking for solutions on YouTube, businesses need to utilize these micro-moments. There is a need for how-to material from searchers, which makes it a great opportunity for companies to take advantage of this.

Researching Before a Purchase

There are a few things that a consumer wants to know before making a decision.

What does the product do?
Where can it be purchased?
What does the product or service entail?
How can I get it?
How does it operate?
What do others say about your product?
How does product A compare to product B?

These are all questions that can be answered in a video. When we’re searching for products, people are often looking for a comparison between similar products. This way they can find the one that’s worth buying and suitable for their needs. By answering all of these questions effectively in a video, it will likely make their decision to go through your company for the product or service easier. It has been said that over 80% of people will turn to their smartphone to help influence them into making a purchase. Over 60% of people with smartphones are able to solve problems right away. With such heavy use of mobile technology, video marketing is more valuable than ever.

Video and SEO

When you’re publishing a video online, it’s important that you consider all the elements that can help you rank on search engines. Therefore, remember to write a metadata to rank fro valuable long-tail keywords. In addition, populate hidden tags in the HTML code for your landing pages.

Another great way to utilize your video is by creating a transcription of your video. The transcription can be turned into a blog to showcase your video and rank for specific keywords in there. In addition, transcriptions allow users that aren’t able to watch your video to read the content. It also gives users a snippet of what your video will be about.

Increase Conversions

Did you know that email open rates are increased by 5.6% with videos? Videos are easily searchable and they’re captivating. Unlike images, videos allow you to connect with your viewers through sound and visuals. They humanize your brand by showing the faces behind your business. Your videos can influence a series of emotions to your viewers, which can also prompt them to open emails or fill out a form on your landing page.

Videos can be used for different things, landing pages, emails, product explanation, how-tos, and more. Whether you’re writing blog or greeting your eCommerce customers, you can create a video for it. Why not add the personal touch that can connect with your visitors?

The Future of Video Marketing

It has been predicted that by 2017, video will account for nearly 70% of all consumer Internet traffic according to Cisco. Video is the future of marketing methods over the Internet. As time passes, video is expected to grow in popularity.

Reading articles and ads is slowly fizzling away. With smartphones being one of the main forms for people to connect with today’s news and a way for people to become more informed of the matters they care about, video marketing is one of the best way to promote your business. There are even programs that will allow you to add your customers to a database that sends them text and emails of new happenings with the company. This might include sales, promotions and other exciting news you would like to share about your business. The great thing about these programs is that they will allow you to send video and other media directly to your audience.

When you use a video to promote, you can make it more entertaining than an article or ad. More people are likely to pay attention to what the video is portraying and even find it more entertaining. This is a more sufficient method and more likely to get your customers to come back or to go through your business for whatever services or products they are in need for. The better the video, the more proficient it will be in marketing. Remember, a video is more likely to be spread and shared among friends than an article or ad.


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